Tennessee Laws and Statutes

Tennessee has numerous statutes – too many to list here – that address the use and ownership of firearms.  Tennessee’s “official” publisher for Tennessee law is the Michie Company.

The Michie Company publishes Tennessee’s statutes online as well as the statutes of several other states.

Tennessee’s handgun permit statutes are primarily set forth in Tenenssee’s criminal code Under Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.  More commonly, this would be written as Tennessee Code (Annotated) Section 39-17-13xx where the xx is the Section number.

The handgun permit law is contained in Sections 39-17-1301 to 39-17-1361 and can be viewed online at the official state publisher’s site .  This series of sections have the following titles:

Part 13 – Weapons
39-17-1301.    Part definitions.
39-17-1302.    Prohibited weapons.
39-17-1303.    Unlawful sale, loan or gift of firearm.
39-17-1304.    Restrictions on firearm ammunition.
39-17-1305.    Possession of firearm where alcoholic beverages are served.
39-17-1306.    Carrying weapons during judicial proceedings.
39-17-1307.    Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.
39-17-1308.    Defenses to unlawful possession or carrying of a weapon.
39-17-1309.    Carrying weapons on school property.
39-17-1310.    Affirmative defense to carrying weapons on school property.
39-17-1311.    Carrying weapons on public parks, playgrounds, civic centers and other public recreational buildings and grounds.
39-17-1312.    Inaction by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, including parents or guardians, knowing a minor or student illegally possesses a firearm.
39-17-1313.    [Reserved.]
39-17-1314.    Local regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted by state regulation – Actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturers, trade associations or dealers.
39-17-1315.    Written directive and permit to carry handguns.
39-17-1316.    Sales of dangerous weapons – Certification of purchaser – Exceptions – Licensing of dealers – Definitions.
39-17-1317.    Confiscation and disposition of confiscated weapons.
39-17-1318.    New serial numbers for confiscated firearms.
39-17-1319.    Handgun possession prohibited – Exceptions.
39-17-1320.    Providing handguns to juveniles – Penalties.
39-17-1321.    Possession of handgun while under influence – Penalty.
39-17-1322.    Defenses.
39-17-1323.    Commission of certain offenses while wearing a body vest.
39-17-1324.    Offense of possessing a firearm during commission or attempt to commit dangerous felony. [Effective January 1, 2008.]
39-17-1325—39-17-1349.    [Reserved.]
39-17-1350.    Law enforcement officers permitted to carry firearms – Exceptions –  Restrictions – Identification card for corrections officers.
39-17-1351.    Handgun carry permits.
39-17-1352.    Suspension or revocation of license.
39-17-1353.    Review of revocation or suspension.
39-17-1354.    Judicial review of department determination.
39-17-1355.    Applicability of Uniform Administrative Procedures Act.
39-17-1356.    Duplicate permits.
39-17-1357.    Notice of address change.
39-17-1358.    Retention of records – Violations.
39-17-1359.    Prohibition at certain meetings – Posting notice.
39-17-1360.    Rules and regulations.
39-17-1361.    Execution of documents by sheriff or chief of police.
Tennessee’s self-defense laws are contained in 39-11-601 to 39-11-622 which have the following Section titles:

Part 6—Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility

39-11-601.    Justification a defense.
39-11-602.    Justification definitions.
39-11-603.    Confinement as justifiable force.
39-11-604.    Reckless injury of innocent third person.
39-11-605.    Civil remedies unaffected.
39-11-606—39-11-608.    [Reserved.]
39-11-609.    Necessity.
39-11-610.    Public duty.
39-11-611.    Self-defense.
39-11-612.    Defense of third person.
39-11-613.    Protection of life or health.
39-11-614.    Protection of property.
39-11-615.    Protection of third person’s property.
39-11-616.    Use of device to protect property.
39-11-617— 39-11-619.    [Reserved.]
39-11-620.    Use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer.
39-11-621.    Use of deadly force by private citizen.
39-11-622.    Justification for use of force – Exceptions – Immunity from civil liability.

Other sections of Tennessee law include the Range Protection Act in 39-17-316;  Range Notice Act 13-3-412; and various sections of Tennessee’s wildlife resources act under Title 70.