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Memberships in TFA – New and Renewals


The Tennessee Firearms Association encourages individuals and businesses to join as members.  Membership is about the cost of a box or two of ammunition but when tens of thousands work together it allows us to collectively accomplish far more than we could individually.

Tennessee Firearms Association has several categories of membership:

  • Annual Membership – $35
  • Annual Membership – (Husband and Wife) – $45
  • Business Annual – $125
  • Life – $500
  • Family Life (Husband and Wife) – $750

Please follow this link to process your membership or renewal online: TFA Membership Processing


Note: In most instances, TFA processes memberships once a month. Therefore, you can expect a membership application to be processed during the month following your application. In some instances, memberships placed at gun shows or third parties may not be delivered to TFA prior to a monthly cutoff. In that instance, they will be processed in the following month.

If you would prefer to pay for your membership with a check or money order or if you want to give a membership as a gift or get credit for a referral, please use on of these forms:

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TFA Membership Benefits

The primary benefit is your association with like-minded individuals who, like you, are dedicated to the preservation of our individual liberties, including the right to keep and bear arms.

  • Involvement in the legislative process in Tennessee. The Tennessee Firearms Association Legislative Action Committee (TFALAC) is registered as a “political action committee” in Tennessee.  It works in the political arena to advance laws and regulations that ensure the continued preservation of our rights.
  • TFA electronic e-mail update service. Subscription to this service is open to non-members.
  • Click here to subscribe to TFA-LAC E-mail alerts to stay up-to-date on important issues, meetings and special events.
  • Maintaining a list of Locations that Ban Firearms – Find out who doesn’t respect your liberty; and doesn’t want, or deserve, your money.  This information is updated and supported by the registered users on the TFA Forum.
  • Provides a resource to clarify misinformation in the media.
  • Annual TFA Members Meeting.
  • Ability to participate in Regional and Local Chapter Meetings.