Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports involve a number of different activities and interests.  Some of those interests are common among all shooting sports such as the availability of ammunition, access to firearms dealers, and the increase in available public and privately owned shooting ranges.  At the same time the various shooting sports have unique features which can make them almost independent.  For example, an individual very involved in sporting clays may have little or no experience with centerfire rifle competitions.  Defensive shooters may have no exposure to the techniques required to be capable at skeet.

Shooting Sports examples include:

Each of the shooting sports may have specific associations that promote the unique interests of each activity.  Thus, organizations already exist which supervise and support the distinct disciplines with respect to rules, training, matches and competitions.

The Tennessee Firearms Association exists to further the common interests of all shooting sports.  Thus, for example, to the extent that all shooters and firearms owners have an interest in the laws concerning the purchase and sale of firearms, the protection of ranges, the costs of firearms ownership, the absence of firearms registration laws, pending legislation, etc., the Tennessee Firearms Association exists to work on and protect those interests.

TFA also works on non-legal issues that are common to the various disciplines.  As noted on this site, TFA is working to provide an internet portal or clearinghouse where individuals will hopefully be able to come to as a first stop to find information related to almost any firearms topic or discipline.  TFA does not intend to fully replicate the detailed information or material offered by organizations that have a focus on a specific sport but TFA does intend to provide basic information to help individuals identify which associations might be better able to answer more specific, discipline directed issues.