Member Donations

The Tennessee Firearms Association works hard to make the most of membership proceeds.  A lot of the work that is done to operate and management TFA across the state has historically been done by volunteers all over the state.  Even today, board members, advisory committee members, chapter leaders, the executive director and others continue to provide the services at no cost to TFA.  However, as TFA continues to grow,  volunteer efforts cannot handle all of the needs of the organization or its members.

Tennessee Firearms Association encourages its members to realize that voluntary member contributions and donations are important to continue the work and growth of TFA.  If you are a TFA member, please consider making period sustaining contributions.  Even a small commitment of $5 a month automatically charged to your credit card makes a significant difference for TFA’s efforts.

Make a TFA Members-Only Donation:

TFA is not asking nor soliciting non-members of TFA to make donations.  According to a very questionable interpretation of State Law by Secretary of State Tre’  Hargett’s office, TFA can ask non-members to become a member but it can only ask TFA members for contributions or donations.