Have Governor Haslam’s policies exposed Tennesseans to needless risks? Rep. Judd Matheny suggests – yes!

State Representative Judd Matheny has written an editorial in which he exposes that he met specifically with Governor Bill Haslam and his staff in 2012 and “urged them to expedite state efforts to prepare for the possibility of an [terrorist] attack in Tennessee. ”

Rep. Matheny explains in the editorial how the danger to Tennesseans is needlessly compounded as a problem because of the “silence, inertia, or deliberate avoidance by many in our political leadership to the realities of the soft infiltration into Tennessee by individuals and institutions that have documented links to terrorist organizations.”

This raises the question of whether Tennessee’s elected Republican leadership – not just Tennessee’s governor – have been aware of possible terrorists threats developing in Tennessee but have not taken adequate steps to eliminate or avert these threats.

As Rep. Matheny further summarizes the 2012 meeting with Bill Haslam, he comments on the astoundingly revealing reply of Tennessee’s governor to this real and present danger is Islamic infiltration into Tennessee. Matheny notes: “… Governor Haslam responded to me that his security agencies informed him that the threat of white supremacists operating in Tennessee far exceeded any threats from Islamic terrorists so he believed that I owed the Muslim community an apology. I didn’t and I don’t. The Chattanooga murders prove me out. ”

So, Bill Haslam thought then, and perhaps thinks now, that white supremacists in Tennessee are a greater threat – by far – than the risk of Islamic terrorists?  If either of them are a real and tangible threat to the people of Tennessee, it is incumbent on the citizens to demand to know what has Bill Haslam and the Legislative leadership been doing to identify, investigate, mitigate and eliminate these threats to Tennessee?

Then Rep. Matheny ties Bill Haslam’s broken promise to Tennesseans related to constitutional carry to the Chattanooga murders.

Rep. Matheny continues … “Governor, leadership would have been to start a serious look into Tennessee’s terrorism risk factors and to keep your 2010 campaign promise “that we each have the right guaranteed by our Constitution to keep and bear arms.” Expediting 2nd amendment rights at that time would have probably expanded firearm carry permitting to a broader segment of Tennesseans, possibly including the jihadist victims and the state military. Instead of demonstrating that level of trust in Tennesseans, you stopped, pushed back, or threatened to veto most of the gun bills the General Assembly has presented to you.”

So, now we see from Rep. Matheny and other brave legislators that in fact Bill Haslam’s policies, and his broken promises, may have made the Chattanooga terrorist attack more probable and may have in fact increased the number of deaths that could and have been avoided.

Is Governor Bill Haslam the command-in-chief of Tennessee’s military and primary steward of the People’s interests?

Or is he just another Obama style Islamic sympathizer?


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