Bill Haslam to review terrorism while TFA calls for Constitutional Carry and elimination of gun free zones

Tennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslam, calls for “review” of how to respond to terrorist attack.  TFA calls for passage of Constitutional Carry and elimination of gun free zones now.

Chattanooga’s terrorist attack on military related facilities was not a strategic military strike. It was not a vendetta against specific individuals. It was an act of premeditated suicidal carnage designed primarily to inflict terror on a civilian population in the name of a socio-economic-political regime that seeks to exterminate anything that is not submissive to it.

In the last 4 days, there have been many calls and demands made for Bill Haslam, as the governor of the state of Tennessee, to take action to provide security for Tennessee’s military facilities which, to a rational person should be unnecessary but for the Alice-In-Wonderland world of political correctness that disarms the armed forces of this country on their own bases and facilities.

Governors of at least six other states have moved swiftly to act but Tennessee – still 4 days after the needless deaths – remains as it was minutes before life ended for these men of Tennessee. Why? One reason – our governor, Bill Haslam.

Bill Haslam went on the Meet the Press on Sunday and declared he was going to “review” his options. ( )

Review? Bill Haslam wants to “review” his options.

How much of a review was there on Thursday when in the minutes following the terrorist attack the Governor’s manison was placed on lock down?  How much review was there when within minutes the Tennessee legislature and capitol were placed under increased security?

Governors in other states have already acted decisively. Even individual citizens are taking action.  Local law enforcement even moved into action.  But the timid governor of the State of Tennessee seeks only to “review” his options?

Former State Representative Joe Carr has been calling for real action – not delays and indecision. He points to the swift responses of other states to the terrorist act in Tennessee.

Under the Tennessee Constitution and relevant statutes, the governor is the commander-in-chief of all state military forces, including the state unorganized militia, the State Guard, and the Tennessee National Guard. He also commands the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Governor Haslam could, as commander-in-chief, have issued orders within minutes of the terrorist attack to provide armed responses from multiple resources to protect Tennesseans – whether civilian or in military service.

Yet, in a span of almost 4 days now, his most aggressive response is to call for a “review” of what his options may be and to suggest that he must be submissive to whatever move Barack Obama may take, if any.

The frustration of a feckless leader is bad enough. It embarrassing for the Volunteer State. Its a disgrace to those in public service who put their lives at risk.

But, setting those considerations aside for the moment, let’s assume that Tennessee’s governor takes some actual responsive and protective action at some point by providing increased arms or security at these military facilities. Is that enough or does it create other problems if that is all he does?

Remember, this was not a strategic military strike — it was a terrorist act. The objective was terror through senseless multiple victim murder. The fact that it was directed at unarmed members of the armed forces on our soil is probably just “option a” in the Islamic terrorist manual.

Are we to assume that any additional planned or potential terrorist attacks will just stop if and when Haslam acts to harden the military facilities and storefronts?

No. It would be foolish to think that the Islamic terrorist manual only has “option a – attack the unarmed soldiers.”

Indeed, terrorists attacks all over the world already reveal that civilian targets are equally if not more at risk. Thus, it is more likely, as in other countries, that the terrorist playbook already provides that the terrorist operatives are to merely refocus on other, perhaps softer targets including civilian targets such as schools, hospitals, playgrounds, places of employment, places of entertainment, public and private office buildings, grocery stores, malls, movie theaters, legislatures, transportation hubs, churches and any place where there are concentrated gatherings.  This is universally the strategy of attacking in gun free zones – the most carnage for the smallest investment in the number of suicide operatives.

Arming the armed forces is a no brainer. It should have always been the rule and was until the era of political correctness. While this nation prohibits standing armies, we do not prohibit are armed forces from being able to effectively defend themselves from attack.

But what also MUST occur in Tennessee and all other States is the complete removal of all infringements, as the 2nd Amendment provides, on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms.  Tennessee’s constitution in Article I, Section 26, even declares that the same rights recognized by the 2nd Amendment also include the right to “wear” arms.

We must demand, as Tennesseans, the passage of Constitutional Carry in Tennessee and support the same in other states.

We must demand that Gun Free Zones be eliminated in Tennessee and support the same in other states.

We must hold elected officials accountable for immediately passing constitutional carry and eliminating all gun free zones.  Indeed, many public facilities in Tennessee are gun free zones not because of a statute but because some public official in Haslam’s administration or in local government just decided to post the property “gun free” – those signs can and should be removed across the state today!

Hardening the military, without more, will do nothing more than refocus the terrorism toward softer targets, civilian targets – you, your family and your friends.

I wonder if Bill Haslam and his appointee, Bill Gibbons, are “reviewing” constitutional carry and the elimination of gun free zones in Tennessee as they benefit from their own state provided armed security and armed public officer transports today?

Perhaps you should call Bill Haslam’s office: (615) 741-2001 or Bill Gibbons at his office (615) 251-5128 and ask them how the “review” is going and if you can offer a few suggestions.

Oh, and don’t forget – Bill Haslam promised 5 years ago to sign constitutional carry into law in Tennessee but, as of yet, he has not only failed to do so but he has effectively worked to kill any legislation to do so. ( ) While you have the Governor on the phone, ask him when he is going to honor his promise….

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