Tennessee Sheriffs Stand With The Second Amendment

Tennessee Sheriffs Stand With The Second Amendment

Issue Letters of Support for Tennessee Gun Owners

NASHVILLE, TN: In a move sweeping the nation, some Tennessee Sheriffs are stating their public encouragement for Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders to participate in their own personal defense by encouraging them to legally carry their weapons at all times.

John Harris, Executive Director, Tennessee Firearms Association, today announced the receipt and availability of copies of letters recently signed by two sheriffs affirming their confidence in Tennessee’s law abiding citizens and Handgun Permit Holders.  Specifically, letters of support have been signed by Sheriff Paul Thomas from Gibson County, Tennessee, and Sheriff Guy Buck from McNairy County, Tennessee.

“In light of the numerous terrorist attacks in this country and that apparently growing trend, at least some of Tennessee’s Sheriffs are making it clear that they support Tennessee’s Handgun Permit Holders as being personally responsible for their own, personal defense needs.  These Sheriffs are also sending the important message to potential criminals and terrorists that there is no safe haven for them in Tennessee,” Harris said.  “We do not need more ‘Chattanooga’ incidents to confirm that Tennessee is really no safer for the individual citizen than was San Bernardino and that Tennessee Handgun Permit Holders can stand as a solid deterrent against terrorism – at least as to their own self-defense needs.”

In the past several weeks, sheriffs from around the country have been making public statements regarding the importance of citizens being vital in the duty of keeping of the peace. Constitutionally, the county sheriff is the highest ranking elected official in any Tennessee county and has first-line responsibility for the safety and security of its citizens even above any other state or federal official. The Tennessee Firearms Association recently called upon Tennessee’s Sheriffs to state their position on the importance of individual citizens being willing and able to provide for their self-defense when their own lives are at stake.

“The Volunteer State is called that for a reason,” said Harris. “We continue to ask Tennessee Sheriffs to step up to the plate and reaffirm their confidence in Tennessee’s citizens and, in particular, the Handgun Permit Holders, to join them in building a bulwark of protection against any person or group that seeks to do harm to our citizens.”

Harris concluded, “The Tennessee Firearms Association will continue to support elected officials who demonstrate their understanding of the 2nd Amendment and act accordingly.  The TFA looks forward to the passage of Constitutional Carry as early as the 2016 legislative session so that government fees and oversight no longer infringe the ability of law abiding citizens across Tennessee to carry personal firearms for self-defense without the need for a permission slip from the government.  The need for this legislation is not just constitutionally justified but is now even more pressing because of the real and present dangers that terrorism presents in Tennessee”

Those seeking more information should check the Tennessee Firearms Association’s website at www.tennesseefirearms.com and can also join the TFA by going to join.tennesseefirearms.com

The Tennessee Firearms Association was founded in 1995 and was formed to defend the right to keep and bear arms and to educate the citizenry on the responsible use, ownership and carrying of firearms. The TFA is Tennessee’s only no-compromise gun group.


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