2017-2018 Legislative Committee assignments — raises the question of “What Constitution?”

Here are the announced committee assignments for the 110th General Assembly…. What do you think?

Senate Judiciary
Brian Kelsey – Chair
Doug Overbey – Vice Chair
Janice Bowling – 2nd Vice Chair
Mike Bell
Lee Harris
Sara Kyle
Jon Lundberg
Kerry Roberts
John Stevens

House Civil
Andy Farmer – Chair
Debra Moody – Vice Chair
Bill Beck
Mike Carter
Glenn Casada
Martin Daniel
John Fogerty
G. A. Hardaway
Courtney Rogers
Mike Stewart
Bryan Terry

House Civil Sub
Mike Carter – Chair
Bill Beck
Glenn Casada
Martin Daniel
Andy Farmer
G. A. Hardaway
Debra Moody

More importantly, we have to wonder given these assignments how many of the House and Senate members will ever get the chance to vote on Constitutional Carry….

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