TFA preference survey shows strong opposition to re-electing Bob Corker

Bob Corker Preference Survey Results.
TFA has been running a preference survey on the Senate race in 2018 for the seat now held by Bob Corker.
There was lots of interesting data.
How do you identify politically?
Democrat 0.50%
Independent 17.80%
Libertarian 6.50%
Republican 67.50%
Other 7.80%
At this moment, who is your preference for US Senator in the seat presently occupied by Bob Corker
Joe Carr 63.40%
Bob Corker 1.10%
Bill Haslam 3.20%
Andy Ogles 5.80%
Other 26.50%
If Bob Corker is the only choice on the November ballot as a Republican, would you:
Vote for Bob Corker 7.60%
Vote for the Democrat (if any) 6.60%
Vote for the Libertarian (if any) 24.70%
Write in a preference 37.30%
Not vote 23.80%
Do you tend to agree more with the positions taken by Bob Corker or Donald Trump
Bob Corker 1.40%
Donald Trump 95.10%
No opinion 3.50%
Do you believe that Bob Corker has done a good job representing the people of Tennessee in Congress?
Yes 1.50%
No 96.80%
No opinion 1.70%
What are your thoughts?

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