TFA – Standing Firm on Principles

Since 1995, the Tennessee Firearms Association has stood in the gap to defend Tennesseans from the progressive encroachments of anti-2nd Amendment advocates.

While some believe that some “gun-rights” organizations have failed in their stated missions or may even question what those missions may be, TFA has never wavered in its efforts to influence and assist elected officials in reversing the unconstitutional restrictions placed upon law-abiding Tennesseans by Tennessee law and local governments in Tennessee.

But if you thought that TFA had persevered because of just “guns”, you may have missed our real passion.

You see, the 2nd Amendment, (and all the first ten Amendments) were ratified after the Constitutional Convention concluded its initial work. Several of the Founders were well-aware of the nature of man, that he was inclined to dominate his fellow man when given the chance. These Founders were convinced that, after they were long gone from the scene, their influence would fail to suppress the power-hungry desires of future despots. Even in view of clear differentiations between the branches of government that they placed in the Constitution, they still were uneasy of “mans” tendencies.  They believed that the foundations which were self-evident to them and on which they had written America’s Constitution needed to be emphasized and enshrined in the document.

As a result, the rights they believed the Creator had given all men were etched into the document for all time.

Since then, their fears have been certainly realized as the federal behemoth has been allowed to mushroom into a larger and more oppressive Master. Americans have seen their 4th Amendment rights trampled upon by intrusion into their phones and emails and currently run the risk of having their property seized merely on the basis of a charge of wrongdoing.

Their 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion has been twisted by a government now requiring freedom from religion.  That abomination has gone so far now that the servant federal government now attacks its sovereign masters and deprives the states of their authority to post the Ten Commandments in their courthouses or capitols and interfering in the rights of conscience of business owners.

Their 10th Amendment rights of sequestering the federal government’s authority to its clearly delineated Constitutional role and retaining for the individual states all other legal authority over their citizens has been abandoned as states clamor for the monies Washington, D.C. dangles in front of them.

The TFA is about the right of the people to “keep and bear arms” for sure, but its members need to be aware that it, by necessity, stands for more.

First, it stands for individual liberty and for those liberties recognized and protected by the Constitution – liberties that men and women have, for over two centuries, sworn to protect and defend. Even the most generous among us must admit that our elected officials have often forgotten that liberty is the reason a revolution was fought against the British. They have forgotten that liberty prompted the writing of the Constitution. And they have forgotten that liberty supersedes all the machinations foisted on the American people in the forms of Supreme Court precedents, the growing federal bureaucracy, and the constant drumbeat of socialism creeping into a once-free nation.

Second, TFA stands for the ongoing support of elected officials who do understand both the premise of liberty and the mandates of the Constitution. TFA supports those elected officials who are prepared to hold the Constitutional line against continuing encroachments against liberty by federal, state and local agencies and public officials.

Third, TFA is firmly committed to the eventual abolition of gun-free zones in Tennessee and the full restoration of the right of law-abiding Tennesseans to “keep and bear arms” without government infringement.

Make no mistake. The Tennessee Firearms Association will not rest until this is accomplished.

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