Constitutional Carry legislation “on notice” this week and under attack by Gov. Bill Haslam

If you thought that attacks on the 2nd Amendment in Tennessee by elected Republican Leadership couldn’t get any worse……you were wrong!

We have learned over the weekend that the Governor’s staff has been contacting members of the General Assembly and informing them that he will not be supporting critical 2nd Amendment legislation coming before committees in the Senate and House this week.  It is troubling to hear this particularly after Bill Haslam promised (see the video) Tennessee’s firearms owners that he would sign “constitutional carry” into law in Tennessee.  The Constitutional Carry legislation is SB0780 by Sen. Mae Beavers and HB0535 by Rep. Rick Womick.

This is an attempt by “Republican” leadership to deny you the right to have your voice heard!

The Governor is using his vast resources and arm-twisting tactics – including his taxpayer funded minions – to deny Tennesseans the right to have their voices heard in the House and Senate on this issue. Don’t let the committee system be used and abused to block these bills from getting to the floors of both chambers!

Reach out today to the following members of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and Senate Judiciary Committee and let them know you expect these important bills to be heard and voted on by the House and Senate in full floor votes this year!  To make it easy, links to each legislator’s email address and phone numbers are on the committee pages.

House Civil Justice Subcommittee
Rep. Jim Coley, Chairman, Memphis
Rep. Bill Beck, Nashville
Rep. Mike Carter, Chattanooga
Rep. Sherry Jones, Nashville
Rep. Jon Lundberg, Bristol
Rep. Leigh Wilburn, Somerville

Senate Judiciary Committee
Sen. Brian Kelsey, Chairman, Memphis
Sen. Doug Overbey, 1st Vice-Chair, Maryville
Sen. Janice Bowling, 2nd Vice-Chair, Tullahoma
Sen. Mike Bell, Riceville
Sen. Todd Gardenhire, Chattanooga
Sen. Lee Harris, Memphis
Sen. Sara Kyle, Memphis
Sen. Kerry Roberts, Springfield
Sen. John Stevens, Huntingdon

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