TFA and Goodman Gun and Knife Shows sue Nashville over Fairgrounds gun shows ban

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Bill Goodman’s Gun & Knife Show And
The Tennessee Firearms Association Sue Metro Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN: Since the mid-seventies, Bill Goodman’s Gun & Knife Show has been a monthly fixture at the fairgrounds in Nashville. Today, in response to the Metro Nashville Fair Board’s decision to ban gun shows from the Fairgrounds, the company, along with the Tennessee Firearms Association, filed a declaratory judgment action against Metro Nashville to ensure that it remains a fixture at the Fairgrounds into the foreseeable future.

Citing a Tennessee law preempting local regulation of firearm sales as well as the Metro Nashville Charter, the lawsuit alleges that the Fair Board stepped outside of its authority in choosing to single out gun shows and exclude them from the Nashville Fairgrounds.  “It is not just a case of the Fair Board pushing the limits of its authority, by trying to put an end to gun shows at the Fairgrounds — shows that have been held at that location for years — the Fair Board is directly contravening the express language of the Metro Nashville Charter that requires that activities that were held as of December 2010 be continued,” stated Dave Goodman, the company’s president.  Goodman had hoped litigation could be avoided, noting that “we have reached out to the Fair Board, even offering written responses to their list of demands and coming to Nashville to discuss the issues at the February meeting of the Fair Board.  But the lines of communication have to run both ways, and the Fair Board has made up its mind.”

Goodman is pleased that the Tennessee Firearms Association has chosen to join with him in the effort to keep gun shows at the Fairgrounds. “We want to stay at the Fairgrounds for years to come, and the law-abiding gun owners of Middle Tennessee want us to as well. When the Fair Board declared last December that that month’s gun show would be the last one at the Fairgrounds, we did not back down and now all of the scheduled shows for 2016 are going forward as we said they would.  While the Fairgrounds is not the only venue in town, we want to be there, our customers want us to be there, and we expect to be there through 2017 and beyond.”



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