Michael Bloomberg’s operatives at work in Tennessee to defeat your rights

We now have the proof, undeniable proof, that Michael Bloomberg and his cronies are working hard to defeat our constitutionally protected rights in Tennessee.

Are you willing to take the risk that the Tennessee Legislature or Governor will be seduced by the money and emotional pleas of Mayor Bloomberg masquerading around under the name of “Moms Demand Action” or even “Everytown for Gun Safety”?

One of the bills (SB2376 Bell / HB 1736 Holt) that passed this year without Bill Haslam’s signature allows employees of of public colleges or universities who have handgun carry permits to carry on the campus without regard to other restrictions that the school might seek to impost.

When the news broke that Bill Haslam, who was formerly a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns program, had not vetoed the legislation, Michael Bloomberg and his operatives went it to a “faux” grassroots campaign.

An email from Everytown, under the name Moms Demands Action, targets Tennesseans:

Despite overwhelming opposition, Governor Haslam let a bill that will force colleges to let employees carry guns on campus become law.

But we put up a fight like they’ve never seen before in Tennessee.

Supporters like you made calls, sent emails, and met with lawmakers face-to-face to demand action. We’ve proven that we’re a force to be reckoned with in this state, and now we have to keep that up by holding Governor Haslam accountable for his actions — so that when the gun extremists come back with more bad ideas, he’ll think twice before taking their side.

Although some might claim that Moms Demand Action is truly grassroots, the evidence suggests that it clearly is not.  Records reflect that Michael Bloomberg formed his attack force of Mayors perhaps in 2006.  News reports indicate that in April 2014, Everytown for Gun Safety was established, by merging Bloomberg’s group of mayors with the practically new Moms Demand Action. Reports indicate that Michael Bloomberg planned to invest $50 million dollars to support the Everytown for Gun Safety agenda.

During just the brief period that the Bloomberg operatives have actually been on the grounding in the name of “Moms” in Tennessee, we have seen that they are expending time and resources in significant amounts with one primary goal – to derail pro-2nd Amendment legislation.  This is a very dangerous agenda because while Bloomberg’s approach is to leverage off the emotional appeal of “Moms”, the agenda is nothing short of destroying the rights that are recognized and protected by the 2nd Amendment.

There are many ways to fight the Bloomberg antics.  These include educating candidates and legislators about their true leadership, their funding sources and their failed pleas for “reasonable” infringements of the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.  These include encouraging legislators to honor their oaths and to not be distracted with predominately emotional attacks using the otherwise assuring persona of “moms.”

But rational and constitutional reasoning will not overcome the extensive funding and misleading arguments of Michael Bloomberg and his operatives – no matter what otherwise wholesome nomenclatures they try to adopt.  What this will take is raising the funds to support those candidates for elected office who understand the misdirection and will stand firm on the sworn oath to protect and uphold to the maximum extent possible those rights recognized and guaranteed by the State and federal constitutions.

First, if you want to help in this battle, you need to join the Tennessee Firearms Association if you have not already done so.

Second, take a few minutes now and show Michael Bloomberg and his operatives that those who stand for the protection of the Constitution are also willing to chip in a support the work to defend and reclaim our rights.  You can do that now by chipping in $50, $100, $250, $1000 or whatever you can afford to the TFA’s PAC.  Indeed, if you can match Michael Bloomberg dollar for dollar and, if that is not going to happen, at least do what you can!


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