TN Legislators introduce bill to ban “bump fire” stocks

News 2 in Nashville is reporting that two Tennessee legislators are filing legislation to ban “bump fire” stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.
The story reports

Two Tennessee lawmakers have introduced a bill that would ban bump stocks across the state.

Senator Lee Harris and Representative Dwayne Thompson filed the legislation on Wednesday.

“If we want to limit the number of people a mass shooter can kill we should move quickly to ban the sale of bump stocks in Tennessee,” Senator Harris said.

Bump stock devices were used by gunman Stephen Paddock in the recent Las Vegas attack that killed more than 50 people and hurt hundreds of others.

A few weeks the National Rifle Association (NRA) even suggested a federal review of the devices.

John Harris with the Tennessee Firearms Association previously told News 2 he would challenge any regulations that would dictate how rapidly a gun can be fired.

Tennessee Firearms Association members and supporters can make sure that TFA will be working with legislators to defeat restrictions that are prohibited by the 2nd Amendment – particularly those that result from uninformed, emotional responses to mass public shootings which such new “laws” would not have stopped or reduced.

If you want to make sure that these kinds of laws do not arise in Tennessee, its critical to elect known, strong and proven 2nd Amendment advocate in 2018 not only as governor but also to the House and Senate.  There are too many already in office and running for office that would sacrifice your constitutionally protected rights, or ignore them, in the name of “perceived” safety and/or political gain.

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